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Embodied Intimacy

Discover how to have the happiest, healthiest intimate life imaginable through Victoria's REAL Embodied Intimacy programs. Experience cuddle therapy, release your limiting beliefs around love through the Emotional Freedom Technique, and uplevel your intimate life through somatic sex education. The possibilities are endless!

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Sacred Music

Victoria is a sacred musician who's produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ben Leinbach. Victoria's music is described as "hypnotic hymns" for dropping you from your thinking mind deep into your heartspace, where you experience a timeless, eternal presence. Her voice is sweet, her melodies will enchant you, and her arrangements will have you playing her songs on repeat.

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Executive Coaching

Victoria works with founders, investors and tech professionals to find freedom from their anxiety and burnout so they can live less stressful, more successful lives through her Unwind Your Mind program. She is a UCLA-trained, IMTA-certified professional mindfulness teacher, NLP coach, and EFT practitioner specializing in mindful habit change mentoring. Find her courses REAL Relief for Everyday Stressors and Head Into Heartspace here.

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Welcome, Beloved! 

My life's work is to be a conduit of love and an instrument of grace through touch, sound, breath, movement and presence. If you're seeking a place where you can be unconditionally loved with no judgment or fear, you're in the right place. Now that you're here, take your time exploring the many offerings I've cultivated to share with you for your own healing and transformation. I'm delighted to be your Pleasure Permissionary! 


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Learn to Cuddle Like A Pro

Learn the three common mistakes people make when cuddling and how you can quickly begin to cuddle like a professional. You can trust me - I've cuddled hundreds of people professionally and have all five-star reviews.