A Gift For You in Honor of My Dad (long read but worth it)

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2024


I have never publicly spoken about the profound miracle that I experienced with my dad a few years ago, and now it's time to share it, and give you a gift in his honor.

In 2018, I graduated from UCLA's meditation teacher training program, and boldly declared "I am a spiritual teacher. I am here to help people calm their minds, open their hearts, and lead from love."

I moved to Maui, started teaching meditation, accidentally got Neem Karoli Baba as my Guru and Ram Dass as my teacher, and my gifts unfurled beyond my wildest dreams.

Suddenly, I was channeling songs! I was channeling meditations! I could pronounce all the words in the Hanuman Chalisa! I could play any instrument I picked up! I was a pure conduit of the divine, and it was magical.

Every Monday, a group of up to 60 of us would gather for what I called The Monday Heartspace, where I would channel a meditation and music, then we would jam and have a potluck. I was living my dream, and it was so magical.

I started...

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Finding My Voice: From Sexual Assault Victim to Pleasure Permissionary

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2024

A mere week after I moved to the magical island of Maui in 2018, I was sexually assaulted during what I thought was a therapeutic massage. It wasn't a malicious or violently terrifying act, but rather a disturbing mistake - one born from problematic assumptions and a lack of clear communication around boundaries and consent.

He wrongly "thought I wanted it." I said an immediate and resolute "NO", but it was too late; the harm was already done. In the paralyzing minutes after the assault, I could neither move nor speak as I grappled with being penetrated without my consent.

When I could, I sat up and looked him square in the eyes, "You just sexually assaulted me. What you did is unacceptable, and while I don't believe you meant to harm me, you absolutely did." The horror on his face revealed he had misread the situation until that moment.
We had to have a real, difficult conversation about how his entitled assumptions and lack of affirmative consent led to an assault. Despite the...

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