You’re not a human doing.

We’re called human beings for a reason. In this course, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of what it means to live from a place of being, rather than constantly trying to do anything. 

How Does The Course Work?

The course is delivered in 10 audio lessons that can be completed in 10 days or as long as you need! 

Each lesson is between 10-15 minutes long and includes instruction, guided meditation and journaling exercise.

Each lesson builds on the content from the day before, and by the end of the course, you will have a firm grasp of how to be embodied and connected to your heart instead of caught up in your thinking mind all the time. 

Want to see for yourself what it's all about?

Sit back, relax, and let yourself be open and curious as you hit play below to listen to what this course is all about. 

Course Introduction & Overview
Head Into Heartspace

What's Actually In The Course?

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What Students Are Saying About the Course... 


"Never mistake a kind woman for a weak one. Kindness can save the planet and Victoria is one of the kindest mindfulness teachers I met. She thought me how to connect with my basic goodness. Thank you Victoria for guiding me into the benevolent part of me. I choose to feed this part to cultivate a live with joy, peace, equanimity and loving kindness."



"Victoria’s teachings have jumpstarted and are guiding me through an incredible transformation in my life. The REAL method has given me an incredible tool to bring awareness into and uproot the habituated patterns and habits that are running my life. I highly recommend working with Victoria for anyone who wants to get curious and bring some REAL attention and mindfulness into their life. Thank you Victoria!"


Say Yes to Better Mental Health

The pandemic has caused us all so much stress that has worn us down and burned us out. We don't have to keep living this way! I have seen so many clients undergo remarkable transformations as they have learned the skills taught in this course. Click the offer to the left to be part of the growing cohort of students saying yes to better mental health through coming out of the head and going into the heartspace.

Have Questions About the Course?

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