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with Victoria Angel Heart


Hearts in Harmony Community Sing

Experience the magic of Hearts in Harmony, an extraordinary event where music and connection intertwine. Join us on a transformative journey filled with soulful melodies and heartfelt connections.

Sacred Songleader Victoria Angel Heart will lead you through captivating original compositions that will uplift your spirit and touch your soul. Immerse yourself in a supportive community of music enthusiasts and seekers of authentic experiences.

Through guided meditations, discover inner peace and unlock your true potential. Don't miss this unforgettable opportunity to be part of a harmonious experience that will leave you inspired and connected. Book your spot now and let the melodies of your heart come alive!

I'm A Yes!

Intimacy in Community

Step into the transformative realm of Intimacy In Community, a mesmerizing evening that weaves together the threads of belonging and profound connection.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as you explore the depths of intimacy within yourself, embracing your authentic essence through empowering embodiment practices. In the embrace of a unified field of loving awareness, immerse yourself in soul-stirring experiences designed to nourish your heart, body, and spirit.

Sing harmoniously, meditate deeply, engage in nurturing platonic touch, and cultivate the art of profound presence, attentive listening, and heartfelt attunement.

Join us at The Center SF on June 6th! 

I'm There!

Reclaim Your Voice + SF Song Circle 

Sing in community! Singing together brings in a sense of oneness, bliss, and belonging. It realigns us with the joy + connection with ourselves and others that is our true human nature. And it's just plain fun 🙂

Come activate and free your voice. Everyone can sing! This song circle is for all levels of singers - from brand new to very experienced. The purpose of community singing is not to "sing perfectly" - but rather to welcome in every voice to sing together in the service of opening our hearts.

An evening of heart opening song medicine. Easy-to-learn songs taught through listening (call + response/oral tradition). No paper or prior experience needed.

Join us on June 12th!

Let's Sing!