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Victoria Angel Heart

Sacred Musician

Global Meditation Teacher 

Mindful Behavior Change Mentor


Stream May I Be Open now!

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The Time Is Now to
Calm Your Mind & Open Your Heart

Aloha my friend! 

2020 has been a crazy year. If you've found yourself spinning in circles and noticing your frustration with life not going the way you had planned, know that you're not alone. 

The universe is giving us an opportunity to see our shadows so clearly so we can begin to process and heal from years of societal conditioning that have kept us in the dark from who we really are.

Now is the opportunity to stop being fed by fear and start being led by love. That’s easier said than done though, right? That’s why I’m here. To hold your hand and your tender heart as you begin to awaken to your true nature and transform the habits, beliefs and thought patterns that have held you back. I believe so deeply that our birthright is bliss, and we can all stay in a state of joyous being, no matter our work in the world. The heart work is where we must focus our attention in order to create these shifts.

If you’re ready to stop being held captive by your chronic anxiety, burnout, insomnia or emotional eating, book a free call with me today. No matter if it’s right to work together, you’ll walk away from our session with practical, tangible tools you can implement right away to become a happier, more joyful you.

I love you. I see you. I am here for you!

A Conduit of Love, An Instrument of Grace

What does it mean to be a conduit of love and an instrument of grace?

To me, it’s carrying forth the songs and messages from the universe that are waiting to be birthed. They are floating around and we just have to reach out and grab one and let it flow through us!

My voice is my channel to access and touch the divine that lives within all of us.

When I sing, I’m not thinking about if people will like it or judging if I get all the notes perfectly on pitch. I’m just letting myself be taken for a ride across the waves of the vibrations that want to emanate from my soul into yours.

My Sufi teacher Murshid Hazrat Inayat Kahn said something profound in his book “The Mysticism of Sound and Music.” He said: “What is spoken from the lips reaches only as far as the ears, but what is spoken from the heart reaches the heart.”

That is the essence of sacred music. It doesn’t matter what language it’s in - it’s the vibration of love it is channeled with and the resonance in which it is received.

The same is true for the soul guidance I offer. It’s unique and specific to each client I work with. My heart speaks to your heart, sharing wisdom and insight that illuminate your path.

I am here to prove what’s possible through the power of unconditional love.

It’s an honor and a privilege to get out of the way and let the universe flow through me as a tool for healing and transformation.

I’m here when you need me.

Book a 1:1 mentoring discovery call

Through channeled soul guidance, Victoria will help you quickly shift from head to heartspace. Her unique process will help you transform struggles with insomnia, chronic anxiety, burnout, binge-eating and more to become a happier, more joyful you. 

Iā€™m Ready!


Victoria Angel Heart is a multidimensional creatrix of love, harmony and beauty. Her life's work is to be a conduit of love and instrument of grace through music, meditation and mentorship. She's here to prove what's possible through the power of unconditional love. 

One part spiritual teacher, one part UCLA-trained secular mindfulness guide, one part sacred musician, one part mindfulness-based behavior change facilitator...all with a dash of joy thrown in! She calls her body of work Head Into Heartspace, which illuminates the challenge we all have to get out of our thinking minds and come into our feeling, present hearts. 

Trained in the neuroscience of mindfulness at UCLA, immersed in the field of theology at the University of Oxford, and schooled in the practice of meditation at two Buddhist monasteries, Victoria has a well-rounded understanding of the science and art of mindful living. She has studied under Dr. Judson Brewer, Diana Winston, Oren Jay Sofer, Sr. Dang Nghiem and Sufi Murshida Leilah Be. She's a student of the life and works of Ram Dass and Thich Nhat Hanh, and she's a certified professional mindfulness teacher through the International Mindfulness Teachers Association and is also a Mindfulness Based Behavior Change Facilitator through Dr. Brewer's Claritas MindSciences program. 

Her passions in the world of mindfulness are empowering clients to cultivate freedom from binge eating, chronic pain, insomnia and persistent anxiety and to awaken them to the power of presence to create more love, harmony and beauty in all facets of their lives! 

Ever the student, Victoria is currently studying Buddhist meditation + non-violent communication under Oren Jay Sofer, Hindustani classical music as part of a registered yoga teacher training with Anandra George and Sudanshu Sharma, and just to make things more esoteric and spiritual, she's also engaging in a six-month deep dive on love with Gene Keys founder Richard Rudd plus a year-long study with the Reverend Bodhi Be to become a death doula. 

Before devoting her life to serving the awakening of humanity through embodied musical mindfulness, Victoria was an English teacher with Teach For America, where she earned her Masters of Education in Teacher Leadership and did a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in Taiwan where she received her TESOL Advanced Practitioner Certification. Her favorite part of being a teacher was the opportunity to show each and every student that they mattered, and that they were worthy of love, no matter what kind of grades they received or how they acted. Bringing unconditional love into the classroom and waking students up to their true nature was what kept her going for many years! 

As you can tell by all these capital letters and fancy names, Victoria has accomplished a lot. Then she gave it all up to become a barefoot musical hippie in Maui and follow in the footsteps of Ram Dass and her Sufi Murshid Hazrat Inayat Kahn. Following a spiritual quest that took her deep into the world of learning how to be a human BEing instead of a human DOing things all the time, Victoria has emerged with a unique vantage point of seeing the world through eyes of unconditional love and an encompassing passion for waking others up to their true nature through coming home to the basic goodness that resides in us all.

Currently, Victoria is working 1:1 with clients in her tailored Mindful Life Reset mentorship programs, while she records her first full-length album and dives into the world of online course creation and book writing. 

What sets Victoria apart from other teachers in this field is her unique approach to adding musical resonance to everything she guides. You'll never find a practice or a class that doesn't have a component of musicality, and that's totally on purpose! She's discovered the inner rhythm and harmony of all of nature and freely shares the codes for activating our divine blueprint through awakening our hearts to the songs they are meant to sing that resonate and ripple out into all facets of our lives. 

Victoria is here to serve, to guide and to empower you in whatever way you need in each moment. She's a mirror reflecting back parts of yourself you haven't wanted or feel safe enough to see. Through her infectious smile, melodic voice and piercing eyes, she melts the armor around your heart and opens the door to feeling safe and at home in your body in the present moment.  

It's a gift to share this path together; thank you for reading and for walking the path to calm your mind and open your heart! 

Here’s what people are saying about Victoria

I absolutely love your talks. I feel like after hearing them something clicks and I just want a do give me the sense of hope and your voice...whether speaking or singing is just so angelic.


Just like in her meditations, the voice of Victoria comes straight to our heart, and speaks a language of love that confort everything that is not at ease in us. Very helpful in those times of uncertainty.


I honestly can’t express the significance of the changes I’m seeing in myself after working with Victoria.  Her spirit is magical, and I feel incredibly at ease with her.  If you’re nervous about trying, don’t be! She’ll help you love yourself again.


Head into your Heartspace with Victoria today!

I'm ready for this