Experience REAL Embodied Intimacy

Discover the blissful nature of who you really are when you are free from sexual shame, released from your limiting beliefs about sex and intimacy, and empowered as a lover and partner.


In-Person Embodied Intimacy Sessions

Experience the intimacy you crave through mindful pleasure practices informed by somatic sex education.

  • Feel totally loved, seen & cared for
  • Experience safe ways to get your needs for intimacy met
  • Discover new skills to uplevel your intimate life
  • Learn how to be more present while in sexual situations
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 Professional Cuddling

Let yourself be nurtured with unconditional love and care.

  • Discover the power of co-regulation and enhanced oxytocin production
  • Sink into the touch you desire with no sexual pressure
  • Increase your ability to ask for what you want and relax to receive it
  • Heal old stories around love, sex and intimacy
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 Virtual Embodied Intimacy Sex Coaching

Release the fears holding you back from the pleasure & love you deserve, no matter where you live.

  • Let go of limiting beliefs like "I'm not lovable"
  • Release expectations, performance anxiety and sexual dysfunction
  • Create deeper self-connection and self-love
  • Learn practical, tangible tools for upleveling intimacy
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Curious About Embodied Intimacy work?


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