Professional Cuddling

With Victoria Angel Heart, M.Ed 




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What Is Professional Cuddling?

Cuddling is a natural antidepressant, strengthens our immune system, and relieves anxiety. Cuddling is platonic; no need to be sexual to get the benefits! 

It can be awkward to ask a friend to cuddle, and even more awkward to ask someone on Tinder to cuddle platonically. 

That's why professional cuddling exists! 

I'm here to give you the nurturing care you desire with no strings attached or any reciprocation needed - trust me, it's as great as you're imagining! Let yourself relax, unwind, and melt into a loving embrace that brings you back to being a human BEing, with nothing to do or prove, just enjoying the warmth of human touch. 



I'm Victoria
Angel Heart

I've been working as a professional cuddler since 2019. Yes, it's a real job! I learned the art of mindful hugging living at Thich Nhat Hanh's monastery and began teaching somatic mindfulness after I graduated from UCLA's meditation teacher training program. Since then, I've studied trauma-informed modalities including NLP, EFT, sexological bodywork and somatic sex education to help me provide safe, informative, healing sessions. I've cuddled with hundreds of tech guys in the Bay Area and have
all 5 star reviews,
so you can trust you are in good hands when you cuddle with me.



So What Exactly Happens?

  • Arrive & Ground with Guided Meditation
  •  Discuss Boundaries, Desires, Fears
  •  Set an Intention For the Session
  •  Learn Cuddle Positions
  •  Melt Into Yummy Cuddles
  •  Let Me Sing To You While We Cuddle :)
  •  Gently Awaken and Integrate 
  •  Plan Our Next Cuddle


What Cuddling Isn't 

  • Cuddling is not therapy; I am not a licensed mental health practitioner.
  • Cuddling is not a replacement for a romantic relationship.
  • Cuddling is not sexual. Arousal may happen, and if it does, I will teach you how to work with it without embarrassment or shame.

*If you are seeking support around sexual desires, please consider my Embodied Intimacy Coaching instead of cuddling*

What clients are saying...

"Victoria is such a beautiful being. Her voice, her heart, and her presence blew me away. I sought her out because I was looking not just to be touched, but seen, heard, felt, and understood. I thought there must be someone out there who could offer me (and my nervous system) the feeling of abundant, unlimited comfort, attunement, and regulation I was looking for, and there is. Let her expand your reality!" 

-- Frank

"I had my first cuddling session with Victoria! She made me feel really comfortable. Her whole approach including breath work, knowing about you, listening to your fears and needs, and connecting with you at deeper levels with eye contact and strong presence is amazing. She sings as well. What more could I ask for? :). I had a wonderful cuddling time! Highly recommend her!"

-- Keith

Ready to Cuddle? 


Introductory Cuddle Session


You deserve this!

This month only,
90 minute cuddles are $222 (get 30 minutes free!)


Interested In Booking a Session but not sure yet? 

Contact Victoria here to schedule a free 10 minute video call to discuss working together. 

What even more clients are saying...

Had an amazing experience , the time went by way too fast. I was anxious going in, but she is very kind and accommodating and put me at ease to finally relax. Hope to see her again in the future. 


Had a lovely session with this warm, genuine and nurturing soul. She can serenade you with her angelic voice and put you in a state of tranquility with her soft touch and sweet embrace.


She is a pretty great professional cuddler, and taught new ways in how to enjoy cuddle session. I would recommend her for other cuddlers, professionals and enthusiasts, especially those who are local. She also has great songs that she made and sang and she is a great singer.


Had the best session with her today, she has the softest hands and she knows exactly what she's doing. The bar has definitely been set and I would recommend her 100x over! Definitely gotta come back. 


She's an angel!! Had a very nice virtual session which she read to me and made me feel comfortable. Will sleep well tonight!!! Has a beautiful voice and smile!!! Could have went on for the night!!

A sweet woman , nice voice and makes you feel happy!!

Hope to be able to meet her in real life in the future!!

Highly recommended! Five Stars!!


In Victoria's presence, I feel like I am sitting by a lake. There is serenity in the air. A moment of silence is as endearing as a moment when she bursts out singing. Her soul is enriched by an insatiable curiosity for life, relationships, and love. If you have stories to tell she is genuinely interested. She will hug you and make you feel cared for. I strongly recommend her.


The moment I met Victoria I knew that she is easy going. She has those captivating eyes & with her beautiful smile she brings peace & joy. She is so charming that time just flies when you’re cuddling with her!


Had an amazing session with this beautiful person. She is very caring , loving and time went by so fast. Her touch and energy are so comforting. Wish I had scheduled for longer. highly recommend her to other snugglers.


Are You Ready to Cuddle Now?


Introductory Cuddle Session


You deserve this!

This month only,
90 minute cuddles are $222 (get 30 minutes free!)


Still Have Questions About Booking a Session? 

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