Embodied Intimacy Sex Coaching

Discover the blissful nature of who you really are when you are free from sexual shame, released from your limiting beliefs about sex and intimacy, and empowered as a lover and partner. 

Yes, please!

Why Embodied Intimacy Work? 

If you're like most of my clients, you probably don't have someone to talk frankly about your sex life with.

You yearn for more sexual freedom, fulfillment and pleasure and want to know how to have the sex life of your dreams.

You want to have better boundaries, feel more confident asking for what you want in the bedroom (and out of it!) and feel safe to say no.

You yearn to be more embodied and less in your head when you're in sexual situations. 

You want to learn new things, explore, transform, grow and heal your intimate life, but so far, you haven't met the right person to guide your journey.

I'm Victoria Angel Heart, and it would be an honor to support you through Embodied Intimacy work. 


What Can We Work On Together?

Learning to say No and hear No

Getting comfortable asking for what you want and desire

Practicing setting limits and communicating boundaries

Experiencing receiving safe touch

Learning how to give better touch

Learning how to become a better cuddler

Learning how to initiate touch safely and without awkwardness

Creating a new relationship to pleasure instead of just "fucking"

Lasting longer

Being more present while engaging in sexual experiences

Healing porn addiction

Learning new strokes, techniques, and skills for enhancing personal pleasure (Mindful masturbation coaching)

Learning new strokes, techniques and skills for enhancing partner pleasure

Healing premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction

Learning the anatomy of arousal

Breathing techniques for heightened sensation and pleasure

Getting out of your mind and into your body during sexual experiences

Learning the difference between orgasm and ejaculation


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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

When you sign up for REAL Embodied Intimacy coaching, you are empowering yourself to unlock your most blissful intimate life.

The Physical Intimacy You Crave

If it feels right, you can get the real-time snuggles you've been yearning for as you share what's coming up for you in your intimate life. Through professional cuddling, experience tender touch that will sooth & co-regulate your nervous system. You will feel loved, seen, & held. 

High Leverage Tools
for Transformation

Experience Somatic Sex Education, Tantra, Emotional Freedom Technique, Mindful Habit Change, Timeline Therapy, and NeuroLinguistic Programming as tools for deepening your intimacy with your self and others. 

Customized REAL
Embodiment Practices

Whether you're interested in learning mindfulness, tantra, somatic sex education, meditation, or mindful habit change, work with Victoria to create the embodiment practices you need based on your goals and desires.

Personalized EFT Meditations

Experience the magical power of the Emotional Freedom Technique to drop you deep into a state of presence, where you can access your intuition, gain clarity and free yourself from limiting beliefs around intimacy while feeling held and nurtured.

What happens in a REAL
 Embodied Intimacy session?

Arrive, Greet, & Ground through Guided Meditation

Develop and Strengthen Boundaries, Consent + Embody Tantric Breathing Practices

Set An Intention For the Session

Get Cozy As We Cuddle Up & Drop In

Explore An Intimacy Issue Through the
Emotional Freedom Technique or Somatic Sex Education

Share Insights, Discoveries and Celebrations 

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Victoria Angel Heart, M.Ed, CMT-P, is on a mission to bring people into their heartspace through music, meditation and embodied intimacy work.

Since 2019, Victoria has worked as a Professional Cuddler, supporting tech guys in the Bay Area to relieve their stress, connect with their bodies, and experience nurturing, unconditional love in a safely held container.

Now, she integrates professional cuddling into her embodied intimacy coaching programs that help burned-out, stressed-out folx reconnect to their bodies & hearts and learn new ways of experiencing and sharing pleasure. She also mentors new professional cuddlers and facilitates regular events throughout the Bay Area.

She’s studied sexological bodywork, neo-tantra, somatic sex education and the Wheel of Consent, and is certified in both NLP and EFT. Trained at UCLA as a mindfulness meditation teacher, she’s a featured teacher on the Insight Timer app, where she’s taught over 20,000 students live and has half a million plays of her meditations and music.

She’s been singing professionally since she was nine, and has been leading Kirtan and sacred music since moving to Maui in 2018. Tracks from her debut album Into The Heartspace, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Ben Leinbach, are available wherever you stream music.

Victoria doesn’t believe in strangers, just friends she hasn’t met yet, and she loves teaching live classes and supporting people 1:1 because of the healing that is created when we lift each other up, truly listen with presence, speak from our hearts and embody intimacy together.

Curious About Working With Victoria?

If you're intrigued, but not quite ready to book a session, send Victoria a message and she will get back to you to schedule a free 15 minute discovery call. 


A Note From Victoria

There's never a better time than now to begin making the changes that will positively impact the rest of your life. Trust that you came to this page perfectly on time. You are ready to transform the intimacy blockages that have been holding you back in order to live the life of your dreams. I'm so happy to hold you, listen to you, and cheer you on along the way!